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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

With a clearer requirement in mind to create successful zines I began reshooting still-lifes and documenting mundane things that occurred in the kitchen space.

Separating the work into three sections I produced the following work...

I'm pleased with the outcome of this shoot, and how the work can be split in to three groups of urgently needed foods, foods there are plenty of and loneliness. With a few of the photos from the previous shoot there is almost enough content to produce zines, however I would still like to add to the loneliness series and perhaps the urgently needed foods one too, with more of the everyday shadow photos.

By removing the branded packaging from the cereal in the cupboard, the tones are more coordinated and there is less distraction. The photos are more effective as you can see the actual food itself and the quantities. Looking at the series My Mother's Cupboard and My Father's Words by Anna Fox, I realised the importance of smaller details and not always looking at the wider subject. By focusing on the details and including all aspects of this cupboard, the mini series successfully shows the viewers the reality of kitchen cupboards for those who require food banks and what it may look like when the food bank has short supply and people are reliant on one type of food.

I retook this photo of the contents of an emergency food parcel with improved composition and less inclusion of the radiator in the background. It is definitely more successful with increased spacing between items as it doesn't make it seem like there's a lot of food present, although there isn't it made it appear too full with the previous composition and angle. Although this photo doesn't fit into the three groups I created, I would present it as a postcard handout at the exhibition, with text on the back about the food parcel, alongside my personal information.

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