• Ellie Bell


Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Exploration of zines for layout/font research.

- Somewhere Else, A Dog Is Crooning by Bart Seng Wen Long


I'm interested in the photograph pairings over the double page spreads within this zine. The photos presented on the right-hand side consistently speak more than the ones presented on the left, they show more about the documented relationship and intimacy. Similarly to what I aim to produce, the left-hand side photos here provide a break in the intensity of the photographs for the viewer and show more of the mundane aspects of the couple's everyday lives.

- Paani Water by Manuel Moraleda Pérez


The orientation of this zine appeals to me as the majority of my photographs are landscape, and the usual way for a zine to be presented is portrait. However, this zine allows for the landscape photographs to be presented larger without printing over a double spread. The pale blue paper mirrors the topic of the zine which is Indian waters, although it's a subtle colour tone it's effective and unique. The cut out front cover revealing part of the photo underneath is creative and makes the zine particularly appealing and unusual.

- Autofocus 2 Slovenia & Autofocus 3 San Francisco Technicolour by Sam Waller



Waller's zines are great examples of how a photographer can produce multiple issues and series in a zine format. As my project is divided into three categories, it's useful to see the presentation of an over-riding title, and also a subheading for each individual zine on the front covers. The consistent 'auto focus' font, colour and size, makes the zines identifiable to the photographer. The handwritten subheadings are also consistent which keeps the personal aspect of each project.

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